Just a Note

Just a Note


Every now and then we have a need, or desire, to send "just a note" to someone.  It may not be that you have a lot to say, but you know that a few chosen words will make someone's day.  For those times, a note card will do the trick.  When you take the time to write out your thoughts or sentiments, it makes the sharing that much more special.  



Recently, I had two occasions when I decided to write out the message I wanted to convey rather than rely on words in a store bought card.  I have a friend who lost a parent after a very long health battle.  I sent a card to express my condolences, and it was a note card in which I had written every word.  I expressed how my friend had been an angel to her parent, and when she called to thank me for the card she cried when telling me that he had always called her "his angel".  Now I didn't know that before, but it was how I felt about the support she'd shown him through his health challenges, and that was what I felt compelled to say.  Those words touched her all the more.

The second occasion was with a friend who recently lost her job, where she had been employed for many years, and she is now needing to make some changes to her way of life, in the midst of a pandemic at that.  I knew that she loved her job and was saddened by the loss, but she is a loving and generous spirit who rarely shows when she's hurting.  I see her often and have let her know how sorry I am that she's going through this unexpected transition, but I decided to also write a note and send it in a card to let her know that I am here for her and that I believe everything will work out well.  When she received it, she sent me this message:


"I received your beautiful uplifting and encouraging card today, it could not have come at a better time.  I can't thank you enough for sharing your beautiful talent and for thinking about me.  Thank you, Sharon."


I can't tell you how much it warmed my heart to extend the small kindness, and it seems that my message warmed hers. 

When my friend mentioned that I had shared my talent, it was because I sent the card to her from one of my new Note Card collections.  



The cards come in boxed sets that include four note cards, blank inside, four white envelopes and four theme stickers. 



To read more on the stickers, visit my blog post, Stuck on Stickers.

During this challenging time, with the world practically on lockdown due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus, COVID-19, why not send a note to someone special to let them know you care, and that you're with them in thought if not in person.  Don't delay... Get your note cards today.


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