Stuck on Stickers

Stuck on Stickers



I have always had a thing for stickers.  Over the years I would buy them whenever I went to a card store, which was often, and I amassed quite a collection.  I still have some that I purchased more than a decade ago.  They never get old, right?



I'm also very much a card person.  I love giving cards to special people in my life, whether it's for a birthday, holiday, graduation, anniversary, a thank you or a thinking about you.  It's important to me that the sentiment resonates, not only for the person to whom I'm giving the card, but also for me and my reason for giving it.  I've had so many people comment on how perfect they felt the card was for them, and they knew I took the time to make sure it was just right and didn't simply pick up the first card I saw.  The cherry on top though, is the sticker I used to seal the envelope.

To give you an idea about just how much I love stickers, I have owned a Day-Timer planner for many years and I use it EVERY day.  Although it's worn and the zipper no longer works, I will probably never get rid of it.  At the start of 2020 I purchased another planner, which on the surface seemed like a waste of money.  It will never replace my Day-Timer and I certainly don't need to record things twice.  The beauty of the new planner, however, is that it includes two pages of stickers to use on its calendar pages.  OMG, I had to have it.




I only make entries in this planner when I've had a memorable day that's sticker-worthy.  It's kind of a planner and gratitude journal all in one.

Recently, I started feeling like I wanted to make my own stickers to use on cards and whatever else suits my fancy, so I decided to start with designs from my Naturally ME collection.



When I received the stickers in the mail it was love at first sight. 

If you follow SKCreations, LLC on Instagram or Facebook, you've likely seen my new series, Blooming Happy.  



 I made stickers using some of my blooms from this series too.




Clearly I'm having fun, and this is just the beginning, so stay tuned... more to come!



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