Customer Testimonials

Customers are saying…


New Dawn 4 © Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat:  "Love Those Colors.  Your creations are really wonderful."

- Jacqueline H.


New Dawn 4 © Men's High-Top Canvas Shoe:  "It feels like you wearing a shoe with all the colors made just for me. They are so comfortable too. 🤩🤩

- Jacqueline H.


Elevate 1 © Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat and Elevate 1 © Men's Slide Sandal:  "I'm a big fan of bucket hats and a bigger fan of matching. That's a 2fer!  I'm good and it looks great."

- Chris E.


NYFW 2022 LOVE 2 © Bomber Jacket:  "Baay bay, I am loving this jacket.  Great color, fit compliments me.  SUPER purchase."

- Augusta W.


Infinity 2 © Premium Jersey T-Shirt"LOVE MY NEW T-SHIRT!!!  I can't wait to wear this to work under my black suit jacket.  I love this t-shirt."

- Cynthia C.


Love 2/Red Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat:  "I love my new hat.  The fact that it's reversible will allow me to wear it with a lot of outfits.  The size will fit my braids as well."

- Brenda W.


NYFW 2022 BLOOMING HAPPY - VIBRANT © Bomber Jacket:  "This jacket is a statement.  I got loads of compliments!"

- Claudia C.


"I AM 2" © Unisex Socks:  "I just received my second order of socks and WOW!  This time I purchased three pairs and am just as thrilled as I was with the first two pairs.  I wore the "I AM" pair and they are so comfortable, well-made, not thin, substantial.  They are so pretty and colorful that I wanted to roll up my pants leg and show them off.  Once again, an SKCreations product did not disappoint.  Happy Holidays!!!!!!"

- Augusta W.


"JOY" © Unisex Socks:  "I love these socks!  They complete my t-shirt and the stylish tennis shoes of the same Joy pattern!  I get compliments all the time.  Just waiting for the pants and jacket design!"

- Angela B.


"Let Me Adjust My Crown" © Lapel Pin"I received several pins and they are all beautiful and the quality is exceptional."

- Christy T.


"Let Me Adjust My Crown" © Lapel Pin "Lovely lapel pin. I will collect more and wear as a collage on my denim jackets."

- K. Chandler


"WOMAN" © Sleeveless Top:  "Gorgeous, creative and cute!  I absolutely love this top!  It’s extremely comfortable, the colors are beautiful… the back is all black which is very slimming.  It’s just absolutely cute!"

- Janine C.


"JOY" © Women's Lace Up Canvas Shoe: "I love the design, the colors and the canvas texture. I can't wait to show them off."

- Paula S.


"Goddess" © Lapel Pin: "Love, love, love the Goddess Lapel Pin!  It is beautiful.  I bought one for myself and some to give as gifts.  A Goddess for a Goddess!"

- Gail C.


"JOY" © T-Shirt:  "Loved it! Fit perfectly for my daughter and now I have ordered another one for myself!😊 It shares a wonderful message to everyone who sees it."

- Angela B.


"Blooming Happy - Vibrant" © Slay Market Bag: "I love SKCreations products.  I purchased the Market Bag and have to say not only is it beautiful, but very durable.  I also purchased the Reversible Bucket Hats and I am very pleased with the versatility of each.  I love the designs and vibrant colors of the products.  HAPPY and satisfied customer."

- Ojo


"Kaleidoscope 7" © Duffel Bag:  "I purchased this duffel bag for my mom.  She loves it!  She said it was bright, beautiful and spacious!!!  Thank you Sharon for your assistance with this purchase.  You are the epitome of integrity and substance."

- Cynthia C.


"Love 2" © Tunic Dress:  "Can't wait until the summertime. I will be sporting my new summer wear in Love 2 Tunic Dress...."

- Brenda W.


"WOMAN" © Zippered Pouch:  "I purchased the WOMAN Zippered Pouch to give to someone for a birthday present.  I'm sure the recipient will like this well-made pouch very much with its striking designs.  I like it a lot."

- Audrey T.


"Indigo Pattern 2" © Fanny Pack 2.0"Thank you sooo much!  I ❤ my new waist bag.  So talented, great quality and fits perfect.  I had a wonderful time un-boxing this one!"

- Lynette F.


Unisex Socks:  "Five Star rating on SKCreations, LLC's unisex socks.  Not only are they unbelievably soft, warm and stretchy, the different patterns of the SKCreations sock collection are Culturally on 🔥!!!  Ordered several pair for Kwanzaa gifts and of course a pair for myself.  Will definitely order more for MYSELF.  One pair is not enough!!!  Highly suggest to ORDER a pair or two.  You will not be disappointed!!!"

- Kim O.


"Mud Cloth Pattern 3" © Fanny Pack 2.0:  "I purchased this fanny pack for my niece.  She received it yesterday and sent me a text saying she LOVES it.  I knew she would.  Thanks Sharon for your quality and beautiful items."

- Cynthia C.


"Hope" © Duffel Bag 2.0:  "This was my first time making a purchase with SKCreations.  I am very impressed with my duffel bag and my BLM pin.  The day after receiving my items, I ordered a fanny pack for my niece.  I will continue to support SKCreations and will encourage my friends to visit the website.  Thanks Sharon!"

- Cynthia C.


 "Mud Cloth Pattern 3/Mud Cloth Pattern 5"  Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat:   "Wow! I love this hat!  I love the quality, the style, the fabric, everything!  I can see myself wearing this hat a lot!  Loving it!"

- Gail C.


"Mud Cloth Pattern 2/Indigo Pattern 2" Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat and "Mud Cloth Pattern 1/Indigo Pattern 1" Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat:  "Received mine yesterday.... LOVE THEM!"

- Sheila B.


"Blooming Happy - Bright" © Tunic Dress:  "I love this dress!  The material was surprisingly cool and did not cling in the heat.  I love the design, too."

- Sani B.


"Indigo Pattern 1" © Fanny Pack 2.0:  "Sharon, I love my new Fanny Pack!  It is so vibrant and well made, plus it's a wonderful accessory on my walks because it holds all of the necessities.  The entire order-to-delivery process was expertly executed.  Keep your creative juices flowing, my friend!"

- Zandra J.


"Brotherhood" © Men's T-Shirt"I just purchased five (5) of the new SKCreations for men “The Brotherhood" T-Shirt.  First of all, I was impressed with the easy process for ordering.  Once I received my t-shirts, I was drawn to the unique design and the strong message suggesting—Brotherhood!  SKCreations as you create more beautiful designs, keep “the brothers” in mind."

- Eddie B.


"Blooming Happy" and "Let Me Adjust My Crown" Dress Collections:  "I’m so excited!!  I’ve purchased items from the SKCreations “Blooming Happy Collection” and “Let Me Adjust My Crown”.  They are simply beautiful!  They are colorful, well made with quality fabric that slips on and off easily, sized perfectly and easy to launder.  When I wear them, I get complimented on the colors, design and fit.  Thanks so much SKCreations."

- Linda B.


"Let Me Adjust My Crown" © Graphic T-Shirt Dress:  "I wore my T-Shirt Dress today and not only is it a really cute dress, but the feel of the fabric and the fit were very comfortable.  I LOVE this dress."

- Augusta W.


"Let Me Adjust My Crown" © Graphic T-Shirt Dress:  "Luv my dress.  Received MANY compliments.  Thank you."

- Diana S.


"Let Me Adjust My Crown" © Graphic T-Shirt Dress:  "Thank you for all your beautiful designs as well as professionalism.  I seriously LOVE my dress. 🤸‍♀️"

 - Janine F.


"Mud Cloth Pattern 1" © Weekender Tote Bag:  "The tote bag I purchased for our guest speaker for Women’s Day last Sunday was a BIG hit.  She loved it!"

- Paula S.


"Let Me Adjust My Crown" © Graphic T-Shirt Dress:  "Sharon, I received my dress today!!!  Oh My Gosh!!!  I Love It!!!  And it fits perfectly!!!!  Lovin' the material and the graphics....  Can't wait to wear "Queenie!"  What a cute dress....  When I proudly wear her, I'll make sure to send you a 📷.  ✌️🏽 and Blessings.... I'm telling ya Sis, your Kuumba is on 🔥...."

- Kim O.


"Kisses" and "Indigo Pattern 1" © Kimonos:  "They are beautiful, elegant and fun.  I bought a red/orange and the blue with yellow "x's".  I do not have a place to wear them as yet, but I'll be ready.  Awesome."

- Cynthia S.


"Glow" © Tunic Dress:  "I love the tunic dress.  The colors are beautiful.  I can't wait to wear it."

- Ernestine M.


"Mud Cloth Pattern 3" © Kimono:  "Just received my Kimono and wanted to let you know how much I love it 😀😍... very nice... this will work with a few outfits 😊!  Thanks."

- Salethea B.


"Tribal Pattern 2" © Fanny Pack 2.0:  "I absolutely love it! It is a great fit for me, and I love the fact that it does not bulge, but lays flat.  I particularly love the quality of the bag, the thick material and padding, and the back zipper.  It will fit my cell phone, dog treats, doggy poop bags, and anything else I need on my walks.  It is very roomy, and the tribal pattern is really beautiful!  Very unique.  I love it!"

- Gail C.


"UNITY"  © Long Sleeve Hoodie:  "Sharon, received my UNITY hoodie tee shirt today...  Lovin' it!!!  The material is so soft, feels like Pima cotton.  Very pleased with my purchase!!!"

- Kim O.


"Let Me Adjust My Crown" © Pouch "Well, I love cute little pouches and bags!  The cute zippered bag was created by the talented Sharon of @skcreationsllc.  I met Sharon when she hosted a party for her business in Vintage Glam's party room.  I am so inspired and impressed by her professionalism, focus and creativity.  I have decided to use my pouch to hold my "mad money".  Lol!

- Robin R., Owner, Vintage Glam Tea Party & Co.


"Kindred II" © Fanny Pack:  "Beautiful.  Perfect for my sister who Loves red. I hope she'll use it for her little necessaries when she gets back to the gym."

- Michele H.


"In Full Bloom" © T-Shirt:  "If you appreciate good quality clothing this tee will not disappoint you.  Vibrant colored design.  I love it."

- Gail J.


"Salsa Jam" © Pouches:  "I'm a fan of Sharon's work, purchasing "2020" Crossbody Bag and Pouches Set... the design continues to capture the events of this year.  It's a conversation piece, I love it....

I contacted Sharon about creating a design for a pouch set for my husband to keep up with his earbuds, phone and other items.  "Salsa Jam" reflects my husband's love of music and he absolutely LOVES the pouches.

Thank you Sharon, it was a pleasure to commission this piece.  You are a creatively talented designer, I am a huge fan and repeat customer.

Here's to 2021...."

- Michelle C.


"I AM" © Jacket:  "Absolutely Beautiful Jacket.  I am so Powerful in this jacket!  It's an instant conversation starter and has everyone talking when I wear it.  It is a well made garment and I feel amazing in it.  Highly recommend you grab this statement piece for your collection as well."

- Adrien W.


"2020" © Crossbody Bag and Pouches Set:  "I love my bag, Sharon, it always catches the eye.  The smaller bag is now my cosmetic bag for my purse. 💘💘💘"

- Michelle C.  


"UNITY" Hoodie and "I AM in Bloom" Hoodie:  "We got our hoodies!!  AWESOME!!!!!!!!

- Cynthia S.


"2020" © Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black:  "Received my 2020 long sleeve tee...  Lovin' It!!!"

- Kim O.


"2020" © Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black:  "I have my shirt!!!  LOVE it!"

- Lori S.


"Blooming Happy" Book:  "Received my book, "Blooming Happy", the other day!!!  Oh my, YOUR quotes are on the one!!!  Peace and Blessings.... Much 💘.... HOTEP..."

- Kim O.


Naturally ME5 Lapel Pin "I received my pin today and it is absolutely beautiful!!!"

- Sharrae F.


"Naturally ME" © Boxed Note Card Set:  "LOVE THEM!  I love the Naturally ME Note Cards.  I send them to my friends to whom I am sending the Naturally ME Lapel Pins.  They get such a kick out of them.  They enjoy seeing all of the girls along with the Lapel Pin I send to them.  The Note Card really makes a complete gift set with the Naturally ME Lapel Pin along with the matching Naturally ME Sticker on the back of the envelope - Smile!  I enjoy getting the wonderful feedback and thank yous when my friends and loved ones receive it."

- Gail C.


"Blooming Happy" Book:  "I just received the "Blooming Happy" book by Sharon Keyser.  Of course the first page that I turn to is page 34: "Stop focusing on the when.  Trust that it's yours and give thanks."  Boy is that something I need to remind myself of every day of my life!  Great book of affirmations!!  I will certainly pass along to friends and family."

- LoRita S.


"Blooming Happy" Book:  "I got my cousin's book of affirmations.  Yes.  Love."

- Jackie H.


"We're All In This Together T-Shirt""I love my "WAITT" t-shirt!"

- Audrey T.


"I AM in Bloom" Lapel Pin:  "I am so glad that Gail told me about your products.  I love the "I AM in Bloom" pins that I purchased and they are so unique.  I will definitely be purchasing some more or other items in the near future.  I will tell my friends and family to check out your website.  Thanks again."

- Debra A.


Naturally ME1 and Naturally ME2 Lapel Pins:  "I got my Lapel Pins in the mail!  They are really nice!  I love them!  Thank you! ♥♥"

- Gail C.


Naturally ME2 Lapel Pin:  "Received my Silver Fox Queen today!!!  Love this pin....  Beautiful colors, nice weight to the pin, and I'm lovin' the silver/gray hair and lip stick color.....  Poppin!!!!  Thanks Sharon for your creativity (Kuumba) and speedy delivery time.  Next order will be my Unity hoodie sweatshirt....    💘 your creations and much 💘 to ya Sista' Girl....."

- Kim O.


UNITY and "I AM in Bloom" Lapel Pins:  "Received my UNITY pin today!!!!  Wow!  That was fast.... THANKS!  Will PROUDLY wear it tomorrow.  Love my "UNITY" pin as well as my "I AM" in Bloom pin..."

- Kim O.


Naturally ME Noir T-Shirt"Loving my natural look and showing off my Naturally ME Noir t-shirt during the architectural tour in Chicago, IL.  Several ladies stopped me to inquire where I purchased my shirt.  Spreading the good news, SKCreations Rocks!!!"

- Paula S.


"I AM" Lapel Pin:  "I just talked to one of my friends who I gave your "I AM" pin.  She loved it so much it brought her to tears.  It was the perfect gift for her.  Thank you!"

- Tanya H.


"I AM" and "I AM in Bloom" Lapel Pins "I bought two pins, one of each, and I elected to give one as a gift and keep the "I AM in Bloom" pin because it resonated with me.  After a 30 year marriage, children, family, separation, divorce, estrangement and finding love and marriage again in a span of three plus decades, I AM blooming and extremely vibrant.  This pin is ME."

- Thornette S.


"I AM" Lapel Pin:  "Sharon, I have really enjoyed wearing your "I AM" lapel pin.  It reminds me of how special I am.  When I receive compliments, I'm always excited and pleased to say the artist is a friend of mine."

- Tanya H.


"I AM in Bloom" T-Shirt and "I AM in Bloom" Lapel Pin"Thank you, Sharon. I got my order today and just love love love my order. Thanks again. I have to order Shika something. Tony likes the shirt too!"

- Elaine D.


"I AM" T-Shirts: “Thank you, Sharon!! I wear it proudly!!!

- Jeannette G.


Custom Tote Bag and Bella Skirt: “The skirt and bag are lovely! The bag is for me and the skirt for my daughter. She loves it. And thank you for the card. Doing business with you has been a pleasure.”

- Nancy H.


"I AM" T-Shirts: "I received my I AM __ t-shirt designed by SKCreations.  Positive affirmations is what life should be all about.  Thank You Sharon A. Keyser.  I love it.  Because we all have our not so good days, this should be a must have for those days.  To remind you how beautiful and worthy you are.  I AM __ #getyouone #support

- Alisa M.


Infinity Scarves: "I came across SKCreations' infinity scarves at an art gallery shop, and the bold, unique, geometric patterns and colors caught my attention.  Then, the fabric felt so luxe!  I knew I had to have one, and ended up buying two.  I got so many compliments when I wore them that I had to see what else SKCreations had to offer.  I ended up buying four more infinity scarves!  They are great statement pieces for any wardrobe."

- Rashad M.


General: "Sharon, I just wanted to take this time to tell you how honored I am to know you, the designer.  I feel like I have your ear, and so the designs that you have created really speak to the essence of style for a woman like me.  Each time I sport your designs I feel liberated, expressed, and I have great fun.  The detail, strength and quality of your product has met my hope, and I rely on you for this.  I know that I can expect it and for that I am grateful.  I believe that you are my personal stylist for the little things that have big and lasting impact.  I am pleased to share your business card and designs with others.  Keep them coming and keep me relevant.  This was not a paid advertisement, but absolutely from the heart.  Design on Soul Sister!"

- Thornette L.


The Shay Maxi Skirt/Tube Dress: "Beautiful, sexy skirt."

- Joy M.


The Shay Maxi Skirt/Tube Dress: "I absolutely LOVE my Naturally Me Bella Skirt!!  The design is cute, thought provoking and fun... and the fabric is so comfortable!!  Keep creating those cute, creatively different designs!  I am definitely a fan!!"

- Janine C.


The Shay Maxi Skirt/Tube Dress: "Love the dress!  I'll have to visit your website again.  Would love another."

- Tanya W.


The Shay Maxi Skirt/Tube Dress: "I got my skirt!  LOVE IT LOVE IT!  Thank you so much!"

- Stephanie M.


The Shay Maxi Skirt/Tube Dress: "Sharon, I can't wait to wear my new skirt.  Love it!  Not only can I wear my work of art as a maxi skirt, I can wear it as a tube dress as well!  How cool is that?"

- Ernestine C.


Naturally ME Note Cards: "My daughter is a team leader at her place of employment.  She likes to give personal notes to her staff when they do exceptional tasks.  I bought her some "Naturally Me" note cards.  She stated that her message and the note cards that I gifted her brought joy as well as a smile on each recipient's face."

- Bettye R.


Custom Tote Bag: "I am loving my new tote!  It's stylish yet practical.  Weekdays, it serves as my companion for carrying lunch, snacks and miscellaneous to-do items.  Weekends, it's been neat for bringing along copies of my new book and promotional items when I visit retail venues.  It's light in weight, flexible in use, and it looks great!  Love it!"

- Nesha L. Jenkins-Tate, Author, Perfecting the Dance: Soulful Lessons about Love, Faith, and Courage


Infinity Scarf: "Sharon, I received the scarf Monday (I think).  I have been wearing it.  I love the texture and color.  Thank you so much!"

- Gail J.


Naturally ME T-Shirts: "I love the Naturally Me t-shirts!  I have both the white and the black one.  I have also bought them as gifts for my friends.  They are really unique, and I get a lot of compliments on them when I wear them.  They also wash and wear really well. As an African American woman, it really feels good wearing the women with all of their hues and hair styles."

- Gail C.


Infinity Scarves: "The first WOW came when I saw the colors and the extraordinary designs.  The second WOW came when I read the totally appropriate and original names for the scarves.  The last (audible) WOW came about when I fully realized that these creative products came from the artist's brain power.  By the time of the last reaction, two of the infinity scarves were mine!"

- Dolores D.