Kimonos Are Here!

Kimonos Are Here!



Have you ever owned a kimono?  If you have, you already know what a great addition they can be to your wardrobe.  They couldn't be more versatile.  You can wear them as an easy breezy layer over anything from jeans to dresses to shorts or even a bathing suit.  Of course they can also be worn as a robe and over lingerie.  Belted or not, you'll love the look and they feel so comfortable.


If you've always wanted to own one, you're in luck.  SKCreations, LLC has a great new collection of Kimonos available in our online shopVisit today and grab one for yourself!


P.S., If you'd like to have a Kimono in one of my designs that isn't currently shown in the shop, let me know and I'll make it available.



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