Purse vs Backpack

Purse vs Backpack


I am a self-proclaimed Bag Lady.  My definition: Someone who LOVES bags and can't have too many.  I have always loved bags; shoulder, crossbody, clutch, tote and more, and I've purchased every type over the years.  I don't know how many bags I've owned throughout my life, but I can tell you it's a large number.  There was a time when I would change my bag every day to match my outfit.  I can't even imagine doing that now, and when I think back on it I just shake my head.  I like things to be organized so I wouldn't just dump everything out of one bag into another and keep it moving; I would have to organize everything in just the right way.  Needless to say, it was a time-consuming effort, and I just don't have that kind of patience anymore.

A couple of years after I launched SKCreations, LLC I had the idea to make small crossbody bags, my Lil' Somethin' Somethin' Bags, and while they became very popular with my customers they also fed my Bag Lady obsession.  I mean, how could I not keep any for myself?





Over the years I introduced even more styles of bags, until finally I burnt out and didn't even want to add more to my own collection.  Then I became acquainted with the Backpack

While traveling in Toronto, Canada, I stopped in a store that had a backpack made from beautiful fabric sitting in their window, and it had more than enough space inside to store the purchases I'd made that day.  I scooped it up and by the end of my trip it had become my new BFF.  I loved that it didn't weigh down my shoulder, and it was stylish too.  Soon after I returned home, I decided that I wanted to offer a line of backpacks designed with my original fabrics and replace my heavy purses with something that was more practical and less stressful on my body.  I'd gotten so bored with purses anyway, and I'd given away quite a few so I no longer felt like a purse hoarder.  I happily set out on my new mission, and voila:

Now my backpacks have become an essential part of my accessories, and many others have embraced them too.  They're great for everyday and they also travel well.  This WOMAN © backpack recently went on a trip to the Bahamas (lucky bag):



Have you tried a backpack?  I bet you'll love it too! ❤


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