The Fanny Pack Comeback

The Fanny Pack Comeback

I have never been a slave to fashion.  My style of dress has always been based on what I found appealing and not necessarily what was on trend at the moment.  If I liked it, then I went with it.  One thing that I was never fond of though, was a fanny pack.  I think I owned one at some point in my life but I don't recall if I ever wore it, and truth be told, fanny packs of the past looked like a design experiment gone wrong.  There was nothing at all chic about them, and they seemed to be most popular among senior citizens who were far more interested in function than style, especially when they were traveling.  

Like many fashion items, fanny packs have risen and fallen in popularity over the years, but it is evident that they have made a strong comeback now.  Thankfully, they've gotten an upgrade too, so it can be a fashionable accessory to many outfits.  Recently, I saw a woman in the post office wearing a sundress with a cute fanny pack belted around her waist and resting on her hip.  I loved the look. 

Here are some images from Harper's Bazaar and and other publications showing ways to rock a fanny pack, a.k.a. waist bag:


Photo Credit: Edward Berthelot - Getty Images


Photo Credit: Daniel Zuchnik - Getty Images


Photo Credit: Wirecutter - Sarah Kobos


Photo Credit: Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic 


Of course, these low maintenance bags are also perfect to wear when doing outdoor activities.  I'm doing a lot of walking and bike riding during this pandemic, and something I've found very frustrating is figuring out how to carry along my house keys and cell phone.  It was easier when it was still chilly outdoors and I would wear a lightweight jacket with pockets, but once it got warm out I needed to come up with something else.  The solution?  A fanny pack!  Next step?  Create a line of fanny packs using my original artwork.  







Several designs are now available in the SKCreations, LLC online shop.  Get one for yourself, and it's likely to become your new best friend.


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