The Essential Tee

The Essential Tee



Who doesn't love a great t-shirt?  Chances are you already have at least one drawer overflowing with t-shirts, but do you have an essential tee?  An essential tee is one that not only looks good on the body, but is also soft, durable, stands up to multiple washings and wearings, and has a design with a socially conscious message.  You reach for it again and again.  It also gets points for being an attractive color, like Red.

Did you know that the color red is often associated with being powerful, being confident, being sexy and passionate, and also bringing good luck?  



Red also happens to be a dynamic color and can show that you are feeling alive and raring to go.  That's exactly how I feel when wearing our new Black Lives Matter T-Shirt.  Get one for yourself and you'll likely not only look good, but you'll feel good too.
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