The Color "Blue"

The Color "Blue"



Most people who know me know that my favorite color is red, with the color orange being a close second.  I love the warmth, the heat, the fire of these colors, and I'm drawn to them like a moth to a flame.  As an Aries I am a Fire Sign after all, so this shouldn't come as a surprise.  That said, there are a few other colors that speak to me at times, although it's usually a shade of the color and not the color family in general.  That is the case with the color blue.  I'm not a fan of light blue or baby blue, and navy blue can seem dull and boring.  It makes sense that police and fire personnel wear navy blue uniforms; the color feels safe.  I do appreciate that the color blue can be calm, cool and soothing, however, and it can evoke a feeling of peace.  We can all use those energies from time to time, and who doesn't love a clear blue sky?  It can be very uplifting.  Blue is a likable color; it just doesn't get me excited.

Electric blue, however, does gives me a feeling.  It is vibrant and bold, and has an energy that is lively.  It can be invigorating, and gives the appearance of being strong and healthy.  This shade of blue, and the feelings I associate with it, are well suited to my "I AM _Blue" T-Shirt since the theme is all about daily affirmations and having a positive self image.  Not only does the design express feelings of self worth, the blue background emphasizes the positivity of these words.  Many have said that this t-shirt definitely pops, and hopefully it'll make you feel like you're poppin' too!  


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