The Backpack Chronicles - Volume V

The Backpack Chronicles - Volume V


So we've been deep into this pandemic for awhile now, and I've found myself spending more time on social media, particularly Instagram.  Being a creative, I love how visual it is.  I do have a Tik Tok account too, but all I've done on it so far is laugh hysterically at many of the videos that other people post.  I get notifications every night around 9pm like clockwork, and there's always at least one video that has me crying with laughter.

It's interesting to see and hear how people are feeling during this time, which is the focus of many of the posts.  The most common frustration I've noticed has to do with personal grooming.  Folks are needing a haircut or color, a mani and pedi, a waxing (use your imagination) and other related services.  Although many cities are seeing some gradual re-openings of stores, hair and nail salons, etc., there are many people like myself who are not ready to rush things along.  Some states have already seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases since the start of Summer, and I'm not trying to be in that number.

Over the last few months a number of my customers have purchased an SKCreations backpack.  Oftentimes, I will ask customers to share a picture with me of them using the product they purchased from me.  What's funny about this time is that more than one has said that they were saving their backpack to use when the pandemic is over.  They don't want to risk their backpack coming in contact with the virus!  While part of me understands how they feel, another, louder, part of me says don't wait!  I doubt that the bag will be in any harm, and while I know we may find it challenging to maintain our usual glam right now, you can still be stylish when you venture out into these mean streets.  LOL! 

I've designed some new fun and colorful backpacks that are perfect for the season:


"We All In This Together"

 "Retropolis 3"


"In Full Bloom" 

You can get yours today in our online shop, and don't keep it under wraps waiting for the pandemic to pass.  Grab that bag and go! 😃


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