The Backpack Chronicles - Volume IV

The Backpack Chronicles - Volume IV


This weekend, the MetroCooking DC show took place at the Washington Convention Center, and I couldn't wait to attend.  I was excited to see the food vendors and maybe a celebrity chef or two.  I purchased my tickets back in June and finally the day was here.  I grabbed one of my SKCreations backpacks and set out for a day of fun.



There were booths set up with everything from hot sauce to cheese to barbecue to teas to spices to chocolates to cooking sauces to ice cream to wines to pies to...  you get the idea.








There were all kinds of food samples, classes and food preparation demonstrations.




There was also beautiful cookware and housewares temping you to buy.




Among other things, I purchased some wonderful new loose teas and some delicious jerk rice with black beans and jollof rice.  Yum!




Although I took advantage of their bag giveaways to carry my haul, my trusty backpack made it super easy to keep my hands free to shop, sip and sample.  After a full and delightful day, I hopped on the Metro and took the train back home with a satisfying smile on my face.  I'm already looking forward to going back next year!



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