The Backpack Chronicles - Volume II

The Backpack Chronicles - Volume II


If you live in or were visiting the DMV this past weekend (DC, MD and VA), you know we were in the midst of a serious heatwave.  The temperature reached 100 degrees, and the heat index made it feel like it was at least 10 degrees warmer.  The humidity was palpable.  I mean it was HOT!!!  Now I'm not complaining.  I'll take the heat over cold weather any day, and Summer only lasts about a minute and a half so I just try to keep cool the best I can and keep it moving.

On Sunday, we decided to check out the Carifesta Music & Arts Festival in Downtown Silver Spring, MD.  Wooooo!  I was sweating within the first five minutes after I got out of my car!  I'm telling you that you had to be prepared to do battle out there.  Thankfully I was in my weekend warrior gear... lightweight, comfortable clothing, large brimmed hat and my WOMAN 2 backpack which was perfect for the purchases I made from several vendors at the festival.  Who wants to lug a bunch of shopping bags around when you're already weighed down from the heat?  I stayed out there for over two hours and came through like a champ, but believe me I couldn't wait to get back to my air conditioned home that afternoon.  Hot time... Summer in the City!



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