The Backpack Chronicles - Volume I

The Backpack Chronicles - Volume I


It's always a pleasure to get feedback from a customer about their experience with an SKCreations product.  I recently received a lovely communication from a customer who owns not one but two of our backpacks.  Here's what she had to say...


I was preparing for a trip to Montreal and Quebec and decided to carry my Madly... Deeply... backpack.  I was able to pack my tablet, charging cords, cosmetic and small toiletry bags, sun glass case and other small necessities.  I also wanted to display my "I AM" and "I AM in Bloom" lapel pins, so I attached them to my backpack and off I went.



We traveled by bus to Canada (12 hours), and having the backpack allowed me to access some items that otherwise would have been stored in my suitcase.  It also allowed me hands-free ability to take many photos, and room to carry small purchases.



My bag even enjoyed the journey, hanging out, checking out the sights in Montreal.



I really like this bag, the bold color, the sturdy material, it's not bulky or cumbersome, so much that I now have another one in another color.  Thank you, SKCreations!


And I thank you!!  I love my customers!! :-)


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