So Long 2019.  Hello 2020!

So Long 2019. Hello 2020!



How was your 2019?  Memorable, hard, easy, interesting, fill in the blank?  Let's go a step further.  How was your past decade?  Transformative?  If you ask five people these questions you're likely to get a whole lot of adjectives in reply.  One thing most people will say though, is that this year went by fast.  I wholeheartedly agree.  It feels like it was only a few months ago that I was celebrating the 2019 new year!



My life looks very different at the start of this new decade, 2020, than it did at the start of the last, 2010, and I am immensely thankful for it.  Along the way there were starts and stops, successes and failures, some joy and pain, and I have come through it all feeling stronger, wiser and better than ever.  I've taken on some new ventures, and I have some special new people in my life as well as some returning friends from long ago.  I have cut loose some relationships and associations that are no longer welcome on my journey.  Those things are part of the past decade and have no place in the new one.  Overall, I've learned, grown and moved on.

There have been changes in my artistic endeavors.  Ten years ago I was tethered to my sewing machine, churning out new products so often that my mother swore I had a crew of elves hiding in the basement.  By nature I am very driven, and when I set my mind to doing something I give it everything I've got.  The sewing was very fulfilling for me back then and I was very proud of my output, but over time I felt that I was ready for a change.  

In the last few years of the decade I started to do more drawing.  This opened up a lot of new avenues for me.  Instead of buying fabric everywhere I went, I began to have fabric printed with my own original designs from which I created women's clothing, bags and more.  Venturing into the endless world of surface design, I also had my artworks printed on housewares, tech accessories and more.  In 2019 I entered the enamel lapel pin arena, which surprisingly led me to the re-purposing of several of my original Naturally ME girl designs.  I'm very excited about the pins and am looking forward to adding more to my offerings!

There is no doubt in my mind that 2020, as well as this new decade, have many wonderful things in store.  I'm claiming it and I am ready!  I am wishing for an abundance of love, joy, peace and prosperity for all. ♥



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