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Small Business Spotlight: TJBlake Artistry



I believe that everyone is creative in one way or another, and that we're born with the capacity to feel really passionate about doing something that is special to us.  What makes this stand out more for some than others is whether or not we feel it strongly enough to heed the call from our spirit.  It's always within us so we can step into it at any time, whether we're five years old or fifty.  Odds are, when we finally unleash it, we want to do it all the time.

Such is the case with the artist behind TJBlake Artistry, Tommi Blake.  She hasn't been pursuing her artistry all of her life, but once she started, she fully embraced the fire in her belly.  I recently interviewed this amazing artist for my new series, Small Business Spotlight:


What art medium do you use and what made you choose it?
My choice of medium is Acrylic Paints, Resin and Wood.  I think acrylic is extremely colorful and expressive, and there are so many ways one can manipulate acrylics as well as resin.  The outcome is explosive... colors are rich with this combination.
When did you start working with your art?
I started experimenting and working with my art July 4, 2019, and haven’t looked back.  That’s when I got bitten by the “bug”.  Being somewhat confined to the “inside” due to the pandemic also contributed to honing my craft.
What inspires your creations?
Music inspires my creations.  I ALWAYS listen to music as I am contemplating my next piece and during the creation.  Music joins the heart and mind!
What types of products do you create with your artworks?
I create wall panel art (as large as 4ft x 7ft), resin and wood tables, clocks, coasters, and small pieces that I call “table” art.  
Do you do commissioned pieces?  If so, what does that process entail?
Absolutely, I do commission work.  Commission work allows the art to become very personal, which then allows me to express and connect with the client... it’s a win-win.  The process entails emailing me ( or simply call me (443-924-6144). 
What has been the biggest challenge for you on your creative journey?
The biggest challenge is time... not enough time as I would love to have to create, try new techniques, and juggle my full-time profession and personal life.  TIME. 
What advice would you give to someone getting started with resin art?
I would recommend that a person IMMERSE themselves in reading, watching videos, and absorbing as much as possible about this medium.  And take a class...  It’s a tricky process but oh so rewarding!!!  
How can someone contact you if they are interested in purchasing your art?
Social media is the way of the world.  Contact me via Instagram (@tjblakeartistry), email ( or by phone (443-924-6144).



Be sure to contact Tommi to purchase an original piece that will enliven your space and excite your senses.

I created the Small Business Spotlight series to highlight some of the amazing artists and small business owners I've met along my journey.  I will be sharing these interviews periodically through my newsletter, and you can also check them out on the Blog page of my website at

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I absolutely love her creations. I received a gift from her creations in 2019. It was so beautiful that I commissioned her to create something special for a relatives birthday. She did not disappoint. Her creations were the exact color and tone that I requested. They were magical! Best wishes Tommi as you continue with these lovely creations!

Purple G.


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