Return of The Bag Lady

Return of The Bag Lady

Bags.  Do I love them?  Yes.  Do I have many?  Yes.  Do I have too many?  Who's counting?  Bags serve a purpose.  They can help you stay organized and keep the things you want to have with you close at hand.  I know I'm not alone.  Just like women, and also men, want to have more than one pair of shoes in their wardrobe, most of us like variety in our bags too.  It does help that I LOVE to create and I find it fun and satisfying to see my artwork on everything, and bags happen to be high on the list. 

It's been a while since I've offered a crossbody bag (remember the Lil' Somethin' Somethin' bags?), so I'm really excited about my new Handbag Collection.  Each bag features one of my artworks printed on the front and back.  The strap is adjustable, and the bag comes in a set that includes one small and one large T-bottom pouch.  More places to put things!

The bag is also great for carrying a laptop, and the large pouch can hold adapters, chargers, headphones, etc., so you can tote your tech along wherever you go.  There's plenty of room for your everyday essentials too. 

Ready to check out the collection?  Click here!


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