Ooh, It's Getting Chilly

Ooh, It's Getting Chilly



Mother Nature is definitely a stickler for the calendar.  Even though Labor Day marks the unofficial end of Summer, the temps undoubtedly start getting cooler almost immediately after.  It's by no means cold yet, but with chilly mornings and less humming from the air conditioner, we know it's creeping up on us. 

Over the past few months I've gotten used to temps in the upper 70's when I venture out on my early morning walks, and the humidity made it feel even warmer.  Since Labor Day however, just two weeks ago mind you, the early morning temps have been in the low 50's and one morning it was in the 40's!  Yes, it's more comfortable walking-weather, but slow down!!  I'm in no rush to see Fall and I'm never happy to see Winter, but living on the East Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., you have to take the good with the bad.  I am prepared when it's time to start dressing more warmly though.  I've designed a collection of long sleeved t-shirts to wear when it starts to get cool, and I layer them with a light jacket and sometimes a scarf when there's more of a chill in the air.  



Are you prepared for the change in seasons?  You can be.  Visit my online shop and grab one of my original Long Sleeved T-Shirts or Hoodies today!


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