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SOCKS: Can't Get Enough

Socks.  Can you ever have enough?  For me the answer is no and I have two large baskets-full to prove it.  Such a simple but functional accessory, if not a necessity, they can elevate an ensemble with little effort.  They can match the rest of your outfit, or not.  They can be solid (but why?), patterned, subdued, loud, basic, bright.  You decide, whatever your mood.  
Socks also make great gifts and SKCreations, LLC offers a wide selection.  Check out the online shop and order some today for those special people on your holiday gift list, and also a pair for yourself.  As I've been told by some who've purchased only one pair intended as a gift to another...  They liked them so much that they kept them and gifted something else instead.  Save yourself the trouble.
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