New Pin Back Cards!

New Pin Back Cards!

I'd been trying to decide what type of pin back cards I wanted for my new lapel pins, and just couldn't make a decision.  I looked at countless designs online, and some of the artists did an amazing job designing cards that were beautiful complements to their pins.  I kept thinking, do I want a different card for each pin design, or do I want one card that will work with them all?  While at present I have only two lapel pin designs in my offerings, "I AM" and "I AM in Bloom", I definitely plan to do more.  Will I get bored if each pin back card looks the same?  Decisions, decisions.

I proceeded to work on a design that I thought would work for a variety of pins, regardless of color, shape or message.  I played with rectangular cards and square cards, trying to imagine how each would look with one of my pins tacked in the middle.  Feeling frustrated, I set my project aside more than once in hopes that the perfect idea would soon come.

Finally, one day I decided to just design cards that looked like the pin they would be supporting.  Big step!  That means that I'll be designing a new card every time I release a new pin, but I love designing so YAY for me!

I am soooo pleased with the results!  What do you think?


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