New! Our Naturally ME 4 © Lapel Pin

New! Our Naturally ME 4 © Lapel Pin


The newest member of our enamel lapel pin tribe is our Naturally ME 4 Lapel Pin which evokes memories of Foxy Brown.  Not the rapper hip hop artist who rose to fame in the late nineties.  I'm talking about the original Foxy Brown, Pam Grier, who starred in the infamous blaxploitation film of that name in 1974.  Ms. Grier is the African American queen for whom the phrase, "She's a whole lotta woman!" was coined.  In the film she sported an Afro which emulated that of activist Angela Davis who, among other things, is known for her association with the Black Panthers.  Her fro was everything. 

Today's natural hairstyles have a broader range and include variations of braids, locs, twists and more.  The fros are kinky, curly, teeny weeny, BIG, brown, blonde, red, and other looks that are borne out of imagination, pride and liberation.  Natural hair beauty has no boundaries, and for many of us it all began with the signature afros of the sixties and seventies.  It always amazes me when non-Blacks ask for permission to touch our fros.  I've been asked if someone could do that a few times over the years, and others have shared the same experience.  I don't think the inquirers even know why they have that urge to touch it.  Maybe it's because the Afro looks like a big, soft ball of natural goodness.  Or, maybe they want to feel it in the hopes that it will bring them good luck.  Our magic shines through and some are amazed by it, understandably so.  Whatever the reason, I say no.  My hair is my crown and you are not welcome to touch it!

A style that will always be iconic, our Naturally ME 4 Lapel Pin is a must-have if you are Team Natural.  Get yours today, wear it proudly, and strut your foxy too.  





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