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New Dawn

New Dawn 1 Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat
Happy Spring!
My favorite time of year has finally arrived and I am so excited.  It is my birthday season, so I am beginning my personal new year and I feel the newness all around me.  What better time than now to introduce some new, bright and colorful designs?
My latest collection is titled New Dawn and the name speaks for itself.  Each design in the collection is packed with colors displayed in ways that depict movement and flow.  They're fresh, funky, and filled with good vibes.
I'll be introducing products featuring these designs over the coming weeks, and first up is the New Dawn 1 © Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat.  The flip side of this hat is the solid blue from the design.  It makes me think of beautiful Caribbean waters, and if I can't be there, this hat at least makes me happy.  Check it out!  It's available now in my online shop.
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