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It's Springtime and with it comes a feeling of awakening.  The season symbolizes new beginnings, rejuvenation, renewal and love, and the longer days, warmer temperatures and plentiful sunshine make us feel energized.  It gives us a feeling of hope after the cold, dark Winter months.

In Greek mythology, the Goddess of Spring was Persephone, daughter of Zeus who was King of the Gods.  Persephone ruled Spring and she bestowed the Earth with growth and abundance, for which she was worshipped.

In my imagination about this Goddess of Spring I can't help but think about Mothers.  Whether they are biological mothers or grandmothers, stepmothers, aunties, adoptive mothers, sisters or otherwise, they too bestow abundance on those in their care and they symbolize unconditional love.  

My latest artwork, "Goddess", is my interpretation of the Goddess of Spring and it celebrates women in all walks of life who know and own their power and who shine their light on others.  Know that you are a blessing, and never dim the goddess in you.


Happy Mother's Day!


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