"Let Me Adjust My Crown"

Sharon Keyser

Posted on December 08 2020

"Let Me Adjust My Crown"



Definitions of a Queen:

1.  The female ruler of an independent state (aka, herself).

2.  A sovereign head of state (aka, her state of mind and well-being).

3.  A sovereign ruler of great power and rank (aka, the boss of her life).


Qualities of a Queen:

1.  Has confidence in herself.

2.  Takes pride in her appearance.

3.  Has a positive attitude.

4.  Has a strong moral compass.

5.  Uplifts and empowers others.

6.  Is determined and perseveres. 

7.  Possesses courage.


A Queen can have many more qualities than what I've listed here, but you get the idea. 

Do you consider yourself a Queen?  If not, why not?  Make a list of the qualities you possess, of which you are proud.  When you embrace these qualities, chances are you will see the Queen in you.   

Go ahead.  I'll wait while you adjust your crown. ;-)


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