Kimonos: New Designs and Fabric Options

Kimonos: New Designs and Fabric Options



Have you had the pleasure of meeting one of my new Kimonos in person?  If so, you may have been pleasantly surprised by the fabric.  The sheer, featherweight Chiffon fabric is woven in 100% polyester, and the kimono has a dramatic elegant look.  When I wear one the phrase "easy breezy" comes to mind since the fabric flows with your every movement.  It is the perfect layering piece on seasonally warm days.

Now you can own one of my kimonos made from a different fabric.  In addition to the chiffon, I'm also offering them in Peachskin Jersey which is a soft fabric that is 92% polyester and 8% spandex, so it has some stretch.  Although it isn't sheer and it is slightly heavier than the chiffon, it is still lightweight and breathable and it will wear well not only during the Summer months but also when the temperatures decline.  

AND, my kimonos are now available in designs from my Blooming Happy collection and my Frenzy collection.  More to love!

I'm very excited to offer the fabric options and new designs, and I hope you'll check them out in the SKCreations, LLC online shop.  If you happen to become the owner of my Kimonos from each fabric type, let me know which you prefer!


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