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Just In Time For Mother's Day



Just in time for Mother's Day, I'm excited to introduce two new Enamel Lapel Pin designs, Goddess and Let Me Adjust My Crown.  I first introduced these designs on other products, including dresses, tops, bags and pouches, and they have been among my best sellers.

My Goddess Pin shows off stylish bantu knots, a traditional African hairstyle that represents a sense of pride.




My Let Me Adjust My Crown Pin shows a Queen wearing her crown atop her abundant natural curls.  What makes this pin even more special?  While the hair color is black, the finish of the design is also mirrored for those times when the Queen wants a way to see if her crown needs adjusting.




These pins will make perfect gifts for the mothers in your life, and for you too!  If you want to be sure to have the pin in time for Mother's Day, order soon!


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