Introducing Our "I AM" Lapel Pin

Introducing Our "I AM" Lapel Pin

By now you're familiar with our "I AM" collection, and hopefully you're the proud owner of one of our T-Shirts in the series.  Proud because every time you wear it you show the world that you have, and believe in, self love, positive self worth and self respect. 

Adding another product to the line, I've created the "I AM" Lapel Pin which further shines a light on practicing positive affirmations.  I feel this can't be emphasized enough in this day and time, given the serious issues we've seen arise in Hollywood, the music industry, the religious sector, the political sector and in our streets; issues that have spawned a number of social movements that touch on civil rights, women's rights and a host of fundamental rights.  Discriminatory harassment is rampant, whether it is physical, psychological, sexual or verbal.  Not only do we need to feel positive about ourselves, we want our boys and girls, and our young men and women, to have a positive self image no matter what they may face.  We must also command and expect respect when dealing with those closest to us, as we oftentimes teach others how to treat us.

My "I AM" Lapel Pin serves as a reminder that anything you say behind those two words becomes your reality, so we must encourage positive affirmations on a daily basis, particularly in the African American communities, in order to raise and keep the vibrations high in spite of the injustices, struggles and inequities we face in this country and around the world.  Those who came before us fought for the civil rights and freedoms that made it possible for many of us to have the opportunities we have today, but we're constantly reminded that the struggle is far from over.  We must have the courage to stand up for our rights and, to do so, we must believe in ourselves.  When you wear our "I AM" Lapel Pin, you show the world that you do. 


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