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About "Infinity"

To be infinite, a thing has no end.  It has no limit.  That is the way I feel about creativity.  Throughout my life my creativity has never seemed stuck; I have always had a desire to create.  I am thankful for how gratifying it is to me when I'm able to bring my creations to life, and even more satisfying when they make others happy.
My newest collection of designs is titled "Infinity" because it represents my belief that the sky is the limit.  It all starts with believing.  When wearing pieces from this collection, I want my customers to feel confident and empowered, like there is no limit to what they can accomplish.  
Each product in my Infinity Collection is sold separately so anyone can choose the one that speaks to their sensibilities, and I believe that you will find an item that you love.  Models who walked for me in fashion shows in New York, DC and San Francisco said over and over again that they loved the designs and that the garments were sooo comfortable that they didn't want to take them off!  What a wonderful compliment!
I've received several inquiries regarding whether other tops besides the Bandeaus will be available in this collection, and the answer is "yes".  I'll be introducing a new style soon!
I will also be introducing other products this year featuring these designs since they have appealed to so many, so stay tuned to see what I'm cooking up.
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