Hat Love ❤

Hat Love ❤



February is known as the month of love.  While it customarily celebrates romantic love, I feel the most important love is love of self, and that it should be practiced and celebrated 365 days a year.

I've designed three new Reversible Bucket Hats with themes of love, affection and self-worth.  I will introduce each one in the coming weeks.

The first hat features my Love 2 design, and it is all about love:




Unlike the hats I released last year, these new hats have solid colors on the reverse side since sometimes we want a hat that will complement an outfit that already has a print.  Check out the listing for the Love 2 Reversible Bucket Hat on my website to see what color is on the reverse side.  

Order a hat today and show some love to yourself or someone else.  It will not only warm the head... it will also warm the heart. 


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