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Going, Going ...

It's hard to believe that it's been more than a year and a half since I introduced my New York Fashion Week A/W 2022 Collection featuring my first Bomber Jackets.  Where has the time gone?  
The (not so) bad news...  I have a limited number of these jackets on hand and once they're gone I won't be taking new orders for these designs, unless there is a very compelling reason to do so.  
The (really) good news...  I have lowered the price of the jackets I have left in stock from this collection.
If you've wanted a jacket in one of these designs but you weren't prepared to make the investment in the past, now may be your chance to snag one.  They're $100 off the original retail price (excluding the Peace 2 design).  
Quantities are very limited, as I am only selling inventory on hand and not planning to make more.  Treat yourself to an early holiday present or treat someone on your gift list. 
Hurry!  Once they're gone, they're gone!
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