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Summer Slides

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Elevate 1 © Slide Sandal
Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, are you ready to slide into summer?  
Introducing Summer Slides featuring my original designs.  Not only are they fashionable, they're also comfortable and easy to wear.  The best part is that they're available for both women and men!
Funny story...  I received a message from a college friend expressing an interest in one of my Unisex Reversible Bucket Hats.  He wanted to purchase one and asked if I'd considered making slides to match for men.
  elevate, hat, bucket hat, unisex hat, reversible bucket hat, skcreations llc, sharon a. keyser, wearable art, purple, multicolored
Elevate 1 © Unisex Reversible Bucket Hat
His timing was perfect since I had just had a sample of a pair of slides manufactured and planned to offer them for sale, so I sent him a mockup of the sandal in the design he selected.  He loved it and ordered the hat and slides as a matching set.  I call that serendipity!
The design my friend chose is new and it's titled "Elevate 1".  I had just added the hat in this design to my website, and now the complete collection is available.  In addition to the hat and slides, it includes:

You have multiple ways to "Elevate" your wardrobe!

At my friend's request, the slides are also available in my Brotherhood and Mud Cloth Pattern 4 designs.  Currently, I've listed those only in men's sizes, however, I can easily make them available in women's sizes if anyone inquires.  Check them out here.

The men's slides will make great gifts for Father's Day!

Not to slight the ladies, more designs in women's sizes are coming soon too!

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