Customer Love ♥♥♥

Sharon Keyser

Posted on October 27 2019

Customer Love ♥♥♥


I can never say it enough... I LOVE my customers!  Sometimes though, they do something that just gets me excited.  That's how I felt when a recent customer who owns four of my original Lapel Pins showed me how she'd pinned them onto one of her handmade denim fanny packs.  First of all, I'm thrilled that she chose to get one of each of my pin designs (four so far; more on the way), and then she sports them all together!  Now that's something I would do and have done, so I'm lovin' this sistah's style.  She's speaking her truth on one little bag... "I AM" with its eleven positive affirmations, "I AM in Bloom" because she is doing her creative entrepreneur thing, Naturally ME because she rocks her natural hair, and UNITY which is what happens when she displays her creations and engages those who try on and buy her works.  It all comes together, and what can I say but YES!



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