Crowning the Tee

Sharon Keyser

Posted on April 27 2021

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Every queen wears a crown.  The demands of everyday life may cause it to shift side to side and back and forth every now and then, but the crown never leaves the queen's head and she will adjust it whenever necessary.  She is a queen after all, and while she may be taking care of the people she loves, working to build her empire and juggling any number of other responsibilities, she never strays from her well earned throne.  
SKCreations, LLC salutes the queen with my new Graphic T-Shirt Dress printed with my original "Let Me Adjust My Crown" design.  It's super comfortable and you'll feel like you're wearing an oversized t-shirt.  Wear it as a dress or as a top to your bottoms and it will be a new favorite for sure.  It's definitely one of mine.

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