I love my customers.  They mean a great deal to me.  I even love those would-be customers who show appreciation for my art and haven't made a purchase.  If it touches them in some way, that's a beautiful thing.

I have a customer who purchased one of my Crossbody Bag and Pouches Sets.  She's shared with me that she really loves the set and that truly warms my heart.  Recently she reached out to me and said that her husband could use a couple of pouches for home to keep up with his phone, earbuds and other odds and ends between their family room and his man cave.  She asked my thoughts on that and we determined that the two pouches that I pair with my crossbody bags would work as long as they have a masculine design.  I asked her to tell me the kinds of things he likes, and she told me that he loves music, salsa and rock, and that he plays the conga drums.  She shared some other things that he likes but the music stuck with me.  I told her I would play around with some designs and get back to her soon.

When I think of salsa music I see it as lively, festive and colorful and it makes you want to move, so I knew my design would have to be vibrant.  I also wanted it to visually express the music and, most importantly, include conga drums.  While I wanted to make sure the design didn't look feminine, I also didn't want it to look very masculine either so it would have universal appeal.  Once I completed the design I shared it with her and she loved it, so I had it printed on a large pouch and a small pouch.  Here are the final products:


"Salsa Jam" Small and Large Pouches 


Can you see and feel the music?  Are you ready to jam?

One of the most memorable things about this experience occurred when I asked her, "Will the pouches be Christmas gifts?"  Her reply, "No, more like, I love my husband gifts."  Love.  I'm happy she chose my creations as a way to express her love to him.  It doesn't get more special than that and I'm so thankful to have been blessed with a gift that I can share with others.  She gave him the pouches on Thanksgiving Day and sent me photos of him opening his gifts.  She said he absolutely loves them and started putting his things in them right away.  It's times like these that let me know that I'm doing something right.  



Happy Holidays!



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