Close Up: I AM

Close Up: I AM



Although I created my "I AM" design several years ago the message is definitely timeless, featuring positive affirmations that, when expressed and believed, can lead to positive changes in your life.  Of course there are many positive words that we can use to express our feelings about ourselves, and I encourage those included in my design:

  • I AM Love
  • I AM Creative
  • I AM Empowered
  • I AM Beautiful
  • I AM Confident
  • I AM Strong
  • I AM Blessed
  • I AM Positive
  • I AM Amazing
  • I AM Prosperous
  • I AM Happy

Products I've offered with this design over the years have been customer favorites, and some new ones have recently been added to my online shop.  Here's a peek:


"I AM" Tunic Dress


Check out the video below to see the latest in this collection



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