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British Vogue - January 2024

As I shared a few weeks ago, SKCreations, LLC was selected to be featured in British Vogue's Designer Profile campaign for three issues of the magazine, and I am excited and honored.  The second issue, January 2024, was just released and my brand can be found in both the print and digital editions.
About this month's magazine cover:
January 2024: Sustainability Trailblazers
British Vogue's January Issue celebrates a fresh start in sustainability.  This month has brought together five cross-disciplinary sustainability trailblazers featured on three covers, including actor and campaigner Emma Watson.
Grab a print copy if you can and indulge in all of the fashion, arts and lifestyle, beauty and more. 
You can check out the Vogue Retail Global Digital Showcase to see the SKCreations, LLC feature. 
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