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Feeling Blue

Do you know which color is the most popular in the world?  It's Blue!  According to various studies blue is the most loved color, preferred by more than 35% of the world’s population.  This basically means that roughly four people out of every ten favor blue over any other color.  That's a lot of folks!  
The color blue tends to put people at ease.  It is calming and non-threatening, and to some it is a symbol of stability and trustworthiness.  I suppose that's why uniforms for firefighters and law enforcement tend to be blue.  So if the color blue is so popular, why is it also associated with being in a low mood?  When people are sad they may say that they are "feeling blue" or that they have "the blues".  That is a paradox that I don't quite understand, and in my humble opinion it gives the color a bad rap. 
The mood board I created for my "Infinity 19" Athleisure Wear Collection gives you multiple options with which to channel the positive feelings that blue inspires.  You'll feel good and you'll look good too.  Check out the newest addition to this collection, the Premium Jersey T-Shirt, and see what it does for you.  Don't forget those matching Sneakers!
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