Blooming Happy Artworks

Sharon Keyser

Posted on March 30 2021

Blooming Happy Artworks



It's Spring and new artwork is in bloom here at SKCreations, LLC.  I am so excited about my new art collection, Blooming Happy, and this theme is all about being happy, growing happily and sharing happiness with others.  To bloom is to blossom, to flourish, to achieve your potential and to be filled with abundance.  Who's not on board for that? 

When we bloom we look and feel great overall and we are happy with ourselves.  We glow with qualities that radiate out to the world.  My Blooming Happy collection celebrates these qualities with a design that is bold and cheerful, offered in six colorways.


Blooming Happy - Vibrant
Blooming Happy - Bright
Blooming Happy - Warm
Blooming Happy - Cool
Blooming Happy - Calm
Blooming Happy - Strong


I will be introducing new product lines featuring this colorful collection very soon, and I think you're going to be surprised!  In the meantime, stay well, stay safe and stay tuned!



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