Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


These days, everyone should be familiar with the Black Lives Matter movement.  Even if you're not fully aware of what it's all about, you have to know that it is significant if only from what you see and hear in the news.

I stand in solidarity with the movement's call for ending inequality and social injustice against Black people and Black communities.  I was compelled to create art that shows my support, and I used my artwork to create a Collection of Black Lives Matters products:




Fanny Pack

 Zippered Pouches


Laptop Sleeve

Face Mask



These products are available in the SKCreations, LLC online shop with normal fulfillment timelines, however Face Masks may only be pre-ordered at this time.  All orders for face masks must be placed by Friday, July 17th and the masks will then be created as a bulk order.  Orders will be fulfilled in approximately two weeks after the pre-order window closes.  Be sure to order yours today!


If you'd like to learn more about the movement, you can do so by visiting



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