The word Bold can be defined in a number of ways:  


1. Showing an ability to take risks. 

2. Showing confidence and courage.

3. Having a strong or vivid appearance.


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We're living in unprecedented times.  The killing of George Floyd has sparked a surge in the Black Lives Matter movement unlike anything we've seen before.  For those of us who are African American, for far too long we've lived in fear that we could just as easily find ourselves in similar brutal situations as those that manage to make the evening news.  It is inhumane and unconstitutional for our brothers and sisters to be abused and harassed by law enforcement because of the color of their skin, and because someone feels empowered to express hateful behavior towards them.  And it doesn't come from only the police.  Systemic racism is real and it is embedded in every fiber of society.   

People are taking a bold stand everywhere we look; fighting for equality and racial justice, fighting to be seen and heard, determined that the lives of those lost will not be in vain.  Mass protests are taking place in cities across the country and the world.  Thousands are standing in solidarity, demanding an end to this racial pandemic that's been going on for centuries and is even more pervasive than COVID-19.  I stay in prayer every day, hopeful that positive changes come out of all of the unrest in which we are engulfed.

We are slowly beginning to see some positive impact stemming from the cries of dissent with longstanding conditions and establishments, such as proposals from some cities to defund or reduce funding of police departments and redirect those funds to efforts that serve Black communities.  Some major companies are committing to hiring larger percentages of Blacks and doing away with symbols and products that represent ethnic exclusion, and others are making Juneteenth a permanent company holiday.  These are baby steps considering the huge gaps that exist between the races in this country, as shown in this CNN article, US black-white inequality in 6 stark charts, but hopefully steps such as these will continue on an upward trajectory.  We won't see change overnight, but this time it feels like change is on the horizon.  I pray that is so. 

P.S.  There are protest signs on the new fence surrounding the White House.  Trump got his wall.  Beautiful.


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