Back To School!

Back To School!


We’re halfway through August and you know what that means?  It’s time to prepare for Back to School!  Whether it’s you, your children, your grandchildren or the kids in your neighborhood, heading anywhere from nursery school to graduate school, the energy is all around us.  You may even be a teacher gearing up for your return to the classroom.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you’re likely focused on rounding up those school supplies.  Aside from notebooks, pens, pencils, tablets, binders, planners, calculators and a host of other items on your must-have list you’re also going to need a way to carry them all, so make sure you have the perfect Backpack.  If you’re looking for one that has as much style as function, be sure to check out our unique selections on our website.  Here are some fresh choices:



"Sparks 3"


According to the Huffington Post, the #1 Tip for Back to School is to have the proper school supplies that you need for your classes.  They also suggest getting supplies with pattern and designs to make it more fun.  I couldn’t agree more!
Enjoy the rest of your Summer, and I wish you or your special someone a great school year!


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