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Sharon Keyser

Posted on April 08 2021

Artsy Shark



In early February I became aware of a Call for Artists announced by Artsy Shark, an organization whose mission is to inspire artists to build a better art business.  They were searching for some amazing artists to feature and promote in the coming months, so I submitted my application, my bio, a link to my art portfolio and images of some of my products.  When the contest ended, I received an email from Artsy Shark informing me that their jury reviewed my application several times and had set it aside for a special invitation.  They invited me to be part of a small group of digital artists who would be interviewed for a series of business articles about digital art, the new marketplace and how artists are making and selling their work.  I gladly accepted the invitation.  The article has now been published on their website, and you can read it here.  So cool.


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