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Art.  A small word that encompasses so much.  Art is very subjective.  What one person sees as art, another may see as an eye-sore.  It's largely a matter of taste, or not, and it is very personal.  Art is an expression of one's creativity.  That expression can be in the form of a painting, a sculpture, a song, a drawing, writings, prepared food or even a beverage.  Creativity is limitless, which makes it all the more intriguing.  

Henri Matisse, a renowned painter, sculptor and master of 20th century art, famously said "Creativity takes courage".  This is an absolute truth.  It's not easy to bring forth a feeling that lies within your soul in a manner that exposes those feelings to the world for scrutiny; a world that can respond in a myriad of ways ranging from praise to condemnation.  While we can control what we put out there, we cannot control how it is perceived or received.  Artists must be true to themselves and speak from their hearts, knowing that they may have their feelings hurt every now and then.  It's like Erykah Badu says in her song, "Tyrone""Now keep in mind that I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit."   I get it.  Every artist gets it.  If we let that stop us though, where would we be?  Would art even exist?


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Well, I've decided that I'm not trying to find out.  That's why I chose to have two of my original artworks featured on my new products, the "I AM" Jacket and the "High Vibrations 5.5" Coat.  Talk about wearing my heart on my sleeve!  I'm actually very excited to introduce both items, and I'm happy to share them with my customers.  You can view the product listings for details.  Quantities are limited, so hurry if you want to grab one for yourself.  You're likely to turn heads when you venture out in either of these garments, and I hope you will wear it proudly.  After all...
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