I'm excited to announce my latest pin drop!  Two pins actually.  Presenting:


Black Lives Matter © Enamel Lapel Pin






Loving the Skin I'm In © Enamel Lapel Pin



Both pins are all about loving yourself, feeling positive, appreciating who you are, standing up for yourself, being proud, being strong, feeling empowered and striving for equality and justice.  Show them off on your bags, denim jacket, backpack, fanny pack, hat or any other item you desire.  They will set off the look and show your pride! 

Share these pins with your friends and family and let them know you see and appreciate them too.  In South Africa among the Zulu tribe, a common greeting is "Sawubona" which means “I see you, I respect you, I value you and you are important to me”.  Gifting these pins will embody that spirit.  

Ready to grab yours?  Visit our online shop today!


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