New Zipper Pulls!

Sharon Keyser

Posted on September 20 2020

New Zipper Pulls!



As a business owner I strive to keep my products and communications on brand.  Several years ago I created my SKCreations, LLC logo to visually identify my brand, and I use it whenever I present my original work to the public.  It is the "face" of my business: 


Branding helps to distinguish my goods and services from those of other sellers, and over time it has become that with which my customers identify.  Beyond the logo, it is important that my brand represents great customer service, quality products and overall credibility.  That has been, and continues to be, my goal from day one, and my customers know that my brand is one they can trust.  
I'm very proud of my business and my brand and I've recently found another way to show it.  I now have customized Zipper Pulls bearing my logo, and each of the two pouches that come in my new Crossbody Bag and Pouches Sets has a zipper pull clipped onto the zipper for easy opening and closing.  They are removable so you can unclip it and use it on other bags or jackets too, or wherever else you could use some help with a zipper.  Just clip and zip!  Functional and cute too.

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